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McMillen Designs, LLC

McMillen Designs, LLC

285 E. Parks Hwy., Suite 7
Wasilla, AK 99654
"The art of making your home part of your dream."
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McMillen Designs, LLC is a residential and commercial architectural design firm, specializing in new construction as well as remodel, renovation, additions and tenant finish projects. Our Principal/Owner, Brian McMillen, has been assisting clients with Design and Planning Professional Services for 16 years.

Building projects are big investments both financially and in terms of quality of life. Good design invests your money intelligently - consider this before assuming that the cost of design and planning is just another expense. Appropriate design and planning are the primary keys to the success of any project.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible work for an affordable price. We do this by using our time efficiently, and keeping our clients in the design loop. We believe that our projects don't belong to us, but belong to our clients and the project should reflect what they dream their projects should be. Architecture is more than just a building, it's making someone's lifelong dream come true.

We believe that buildings should serve the purpose they are intended for, be well designed, and be appropriately affordable. Here are some of the design values that we focus on:

•Efficient Design. Everything we do is towards an end goal. Even the preliminary design is done on the computer, so that we can quickly convert design drawings into construction documents. All drawings are digital, unless otherwise requested, so that they are accurate and can be quickly modified.

•Building Cost. Proper design can save tens of thousands on even the smallest of projects, and can give you the most bang for your buck. Get custom details that are easy and affordable to build, but will add great value to your architecture.

•Customer Satisfactions. If your not happy, we're not happy! The building you build is your building, and you should get it the way you want it.

•Solve Problems Early. Mistakes made on a construction site can be very costly, but with advanced drawings and 3D renderings, many of these problems can be worked out before they ever become a problem. We can also use 3D renderings and drawings to make sure your building has the look and feel you want, rather than being disappointed when the built thing just isn't what you imagined. Well done drawings are also the key to getting permits and accurate construction bids.
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