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Greatland Construction & Siding Inc.

Greatland Construction & Siding Inc.

PO Box 230811
ANchorage, AK 99523
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Greatland Sets The Standard!

Greatland sets the standard with the most advanced vinyl replacement windows available today, combining the lastest features with outstanding performance and value.

Greatland offers you more features than any other vinyl window available today. Thatís the Greatland guarantee!

All Greatland windows features PPG glass technology, which includes SunClean Self-cleaning Glass along with Solarban 60 latest generation double Low-E.

Cleaning conventional windows can require a lot of effort-and still the homeowner could be stuck with streaks or spots. SunClean Self-Cleaning Glass helps save time and looks great.

Another extraordinary SunClean feature is the way the window surfaces diffuses water. Unlike ordinary windows, water cannot gather into droplets. Instead, it spreads evenly across glass in a sheeting action that washes away dirt and contaminants. This phenomenon is called hydrophilicity. The sheeting action allows SunClean windows to dry much faster than conventional glass, and best of all your windows dry with a clearer view.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding transforms the character of your home adding new life and beauty. It gives your home all the natural warmth and elegance of wood but one of the worries about painting or maintenance. Our vinyl siding will not chip, crack, flake, rust, corrode, blister or split. It will not be adversely affected by extreme weather conditions. We provide a vast array of contemporary colors that retain their freshly painted color appearance year after year.
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