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Anchorage, AK 99515
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123 Bogard Rd. Wasilla, Al 99687  Phone:  907.891.0083
123 Main St. Kenai, Al 99611  Phone:  907.891.0083
123 Main St. Fairbanks, Al 99701  Phone:  907.891.0083
123 Main St. Juneau, Al 99801  Phone:  907.891.0083
Search For Homes & Plans, Find Professional, Get Your Project Bid, All Online... - Your Business Name Here image 1 - Your Business Name Here image 2 - Your Business Name Here Image 3 is one of the most refined, professional, and practical ways to get your business presented online in the building industry. Your potential clients will be searching here for companies like yours. Not only is this a 24 hour homeshow, but it is also a great place to get project bids, search for homes and home plans, and more.

This is the place that you build value in your business by describing how long you have been in business, and what services you offer. was conceived from a successful sister site which has been operating for nearly seven years now. offers web marketing and advertising through this website. We also offer web consulting, website design, and search engine optimization.

Soon you will find advertised not only online, but also in local magazines, radio programs, home shows, through network marketing such as AHBA & NKBA, and much more.

10 Incredible Benefits To Your Company When As Your Next Online Marketing Tool.

1. Get Noticed: Great websites need recognized. Perhaps you have invested a great deal of time and money into your company website. Make sure it can be found by consumers while searching on the internet. Check out where stacks up.

2. Website: Your company’s very own website. If your company has not invested in a website yet, we can get you a temporary domain that links directly to your microwebsite, or custom design a full website just for you.

3. Anchor Store Effect: Small businesses benefit from larger businesses affiliation. It is provent that if you are “next door” to a large traffic drawing business, your business will also benefit from that traffic. We are expecting approximately 80,000 to 100,000 hits monthly on

4. Online Homeshow: Be where people are in the building/remodeling mode. Homeowners will find your company while you are sleeping. It is like a 24 hour, 7 days a week homeshow.

5. Get In The Ranks: Your position matters in your category. Your position in your category is locked based on when you sign up on the site. If someone above your company drops out, your company moves up.

6. Front Page Exposure: Front page rotation on the Business Spotlight. Just by having a Premium Package, you will be randomly rotated on the front page of our highly visible website.

7. Bids Made Easy: Submit & bid on new and remodel projects all online. Builders and home owners alike can submit their projects to any or all members on the website with the click of a button, and its free. Member business may then view their plans to scale and easily return bids and track their progress on this simple bid tool.

8. Search For a Home: Find homes on the market. Maybe your potential client may not be searching for your services, until they purchase a home from our home selection service on the website.

9. Search For Home Plans: Start with the right plans. Homeowners may start from the ground up by choosing to search for and purchase home plans that are featured on the website by local architects and home designers.

10. Change It Up: Change your content anytime. With the member office section, your logo, pictures, description, or any of your content may be modified at any time simply by logging in.

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